Why you need SugarSync on your Mac and iPhone

The iPhone is a great device but it isn’t a miracle device. It can not access your files while you are on the road from your computer unless you have some sort of program set up to do it before you head out on your trip. Thankfully there are a slew of applications that let you sync your files online, including Apple’s MobileMe, Dropbox, and one of my all time favorites, SugarSync.

I have used SugarSync app for iphone and ipod touch for over a year now. I started using it because I needed a solution to sync my documents from my Dell Mini to my MacBook Pro. I downloaded SugarSync’s trial and started on their Starter Pack soon there after. I was hooked. The setup is so easy it is almost sickening, you select the files or folders you want synced. That’s it. SugarSync then automatically syncs your files online and to any other computer you have set up.

You may ask why this is on an iPhone blog, right? Well I am sure you can assume from the topic that SugarSync also has an iPhone App in the App Store.

SugarSync iphone App
The beauty of this iphone document sharing app is that your files are now available on your iPhone. Any of the computers you have set up to sync their files or any files you have on your Web Archive on SugarSync (an online virtual folder for files you do not need to have local access to on your computers, I use it for sharing specific files). The interface is one of the best on the iPhone and the icons and graphics make it an enjoyable user experience on top of a hugely useful app.

SugarSync allows you to browse all your files by folder, and select files to display on the iPhone, movies, music, pdf’s, powerpoint projects, word documents, and many more files are easily displayed on the iPhone interface and provide you access to those files you need on the go.

The most useful SugarSync for iPhone was for me was last year when I was sitting in my university class and I forgot to bring my paper. I talked to my professor and emailed him my project right from my phone using the built in address book and sent him a link to the file before class was even over.

SugarSync is a great application and with the SugarSync free service plan (2GB, limited bandwidth version) it is a great application for your iPhone, Mac, or PC. Download this iphone syncing app here.

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