10 Incredible IPad Apps For Education

10 Incredible IPad Apps For Education. Studying is rarely fun, but there is no reason why you can’t make this process entertaining and creative. And iPads are the best devices to do this. The market of tablets has paved the way for the most advanced educational resources developed in the form of amazing, slick apps. They are easy-to-install, easy-to-use, very handy and are waiting to be tested by you :). Because the number of iPad apps is increasing singnificantly and shows no sign of slowing down, finding the most relevant educational tool for your tablet can be a challenge. So, with this thought in mind I’ve made up a list of the most effective, incredible iPad apps for education.

#1 Evernote

It seems everyone has it. Apart from iPad, there are also iPhone and Android versions of this app. And this is for a reason: it’s very simple and very smart. It’s main aim is to let you organize your notes in an easy, intuitive way. If you’re a student, this is a must have.

#2 Paper

This is probably the coolest place for brainstorming. Creative students will love it! This app allows you to capture your ideas in the form of sketches, notes, drawings, diagrams and other formats and share them on the web. Paper was named the App of the Year (2012).

#3 Goodreader

Not only does this app let you read PDF format files, but it also helps you view and import any file type (including various text, video and audio formats)! Given the number of existing file formats this app can become your main helper when studying.

#4 Bamboo Paper

This impressive iPad tool is impeccably suited for students. It allows you to make, curate and share notes saving your original handwriting and sketches. If needed, you can also import, email and print these notes.

#5 iA Writer

This is a simple, but very handy app. Its minimalistic interface allows you to focus on what you’re about to write down without any distractions. It is powered by a non-formatting text editor and can be seamlessly syncronized with your iPhone, Mac and other devices.

#6 SimpleMind

This app stands out for its advanced functionality and ease of use. This is the perfect place to collect your ideas, brainstorming and organizing your thoughts. It’s clean, uncluttered and concise.

#7 EasyBib

This app is a perfect tool to make, collect and share citations you may find to be useful for your course works, essays or just for your self-development. EasyBib enables you to make the list of references with just a few clicks.

#8 iStudiez Pro

This cool school planner is designed to keep your home assignments and schedules organized. Its notebook look is very handy – you can start using it effectively within seconds after installation. The app integrates wirelessly with your other iOS devices.

#9 Wordflex Touch Dictionary

This ipad app is one of the best incarnations of the English Oxford Dictionary. You’ll definitely fall in love with its interactive, engaging interface maximizing learning. Be careful – it’s very addictive :).

#10 Star Walk HD

If you’re not an astronomy enthusiast, you’ll be after using this app. Just point your iPad towards to the sky to discern satellites, stars and constellations in real time.

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