HeyTell for the iPod Touch

Of course we’re all looking for even more ways to stay in touch with our friends, family, and other contacts. And if you’re one that wants to have every single way possible to talk to your friends loaded onto your iPod Touch, then don’t forget about the HeyTell app.

HeyTell is a really cool app because you don’t need the phone capabilities to speak and even though the iPod Touch has external speakers, you don’t even need them. All you have to do is have your contacts loaded into the app and then message those contacts whenever you see those shoes go on sale at the mall, you need to change the time of your meeting, or you forgot to pick something up on the way home for dinner. However and whoever you need to keep in touch with, you can do it all through this app.

One of the coolest things about this app is that you don’t have to visit some website first and sign up or become a member. It relies on no third-party connection or otherwise so all you really have to do is open the app and start talking. And of course, because iPod Touch users are somewhat more limited in how they communicate with their device than say, iPhone users, apps like this are always very much appreciated – especially when they’re free!

Of course, in order to use the app and chat with friends, you’ll also have to make sure that they have an iPod Touch, and that they’ve downloaded the free HeyTell app – which you can do here.

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