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Free chess games for iPod bring a time honored game into a pocket-sized format, accessible on your iPod. If you are a chess buff, then free chess games for iPod is like a dream come true for you. Now you can access the full blown version of the game right on the screen of your iPod. The design is good, accompanied by excellent music. That’s not all; the free chess game for iPod also offers some amazing options, which makes this offer an exciting package. This is much more than what you had expected from pocket-sized renditions of this six hundred years old chess game.


Chess Game for iPod Touch 

The free chess game for iPod, as the name suggests, comes for free and is really compatible with your iPod. This free ipod touch game can be downloaded and configured easily. Also the game comes with 2D and 3D graphics with several themes to choose from. With the change of themes you can choose different colors and backgrounds for your game. The free chess game for iPod not only makes an age old game come alive on your iPod but also adds a zing to it.

The free chess game for iPod is suitable for both beginners and experts alike. There are also tutorials available which teach the beginners how to start playing the game. But don’t expect too much of the tutorial, as it only limited at telling you how the pieces move. It gives no insight into the moves of the games, and don’t expect to become a pro at the game, with the help of this tutorial. There is a level called the quiz mode which helps you learn some tricks of the game. This however cannot be compared to the Chess-master that gives you an advanced lesson on chess strategy. The games follow all the official rules of chess. The free chess games for iPod also offer adaptable levels of difficulty with extra challenging modes for the advanced players and can be

The free chess game for iPod, takes chess to a whole new level, as it allows you to compete with a friend on a two-player mode, on the iPod itself. The game can also be stored and played again from where you left off the last time. Hence you don’t need to start from scratch every time you play the game. In addition to chess, backgammon has been added which is a great diversion, and it enhances the value of the Classic Chess version by leaps and bounds. Even backgammon is taken to a different level as first you can carry it around in your pocket, and secondly because it allows you to play a competitive game, by inviting a friend on a two player mode. The free chess games for iPod pits the players against each other in intensive and strategic struggles.

So don’t wait for anything, just go and get this latest word in chess, on your iPod and enjoy the fun even while you are on the move.

Play the iPod Touch Chess Game by visiting the Chess Game for iPod Touch Below:

1. Play Chess on Your iPod now
2. Play Chess on the Touch Here

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