Free iPod Touch App for Gamers; Sandslides

There are thousands of different games for the iPod Touch and iPhone devices and although there are some well known games that are excellent, there are also some less well known games that are excellent too. One example of this is a game called Sandslides which is a free and extremely addictive game for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

The game of Sandslides is extremely simple and it is easy to pick up. The idea of the game is that you have to make sure that the sand goes into the right areas. There are three different sand dispensers at the top of the screen, all of which are different colours and regularly dispense send. At the bottom of the screen are three different coloured holes for the sand to go in. It is your job to ensure that all of the sand falls into the right areas by drawing lines on the screen for the slide to slide down.

Although it might sound like a very simple and possibly boring game, in reality it is extremely addictive and you will spend hours trying to beat your scores. One of the features that would be nice with the game is the Game Center feature to allow you to play with friends as well as the addition of iPhone 4 graphics as they are still a little out of date. Aside from this, the game is excellent for a free app.

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