How to Fix iPhone Error 13213

No one likes to see errors pop up in iTunes or on their iPhone. But one very common error message that users have been getting lately is “iPhone Error 13213.” Don’t you just hate it when Apple gives us “their” code for a problem, but doesn’t actually tell us what it is? We did a little digging, and the good news is that if your iPhone or iTunes account displays “An unknown error occurred (13213)”, it’s not the end of the world and it’s very easy to fix. Here’s how you can fix it!

The Error 13213 message that will appear in iTunes is one of the few glitches and kinks that Apple still has yet to work out in iTunes. It is a common problem and it usually happens after your iPhone or iPod Touch has been drained of its battery and you hook it up to your computer to recharge it. This error also means that you won’t be able to sync your iPhone though so, you’re going to need to know how to fix it.

The problem seems to lie within the Genius feature of iTunes, that nifty little feature that lets you experience what it’s like to have your own personal DJ with you wherever you go. Just turn Genius off and you’ll be able to sync and charge your iPhone as normal. To turn Genius off, just go to the Store in iTunes and select “Turn off Genius.” Then hook up your iPhone back to the computer and it should work just as normal. You’ll also be able to turn your Genius back on and still have your iPhone work as usual.

Error 13213 definitely is no reason to panic but it can be a pain. Good thing it’s so easy to fix!

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