How to Find Your Lost iPad? Use Find My Ipad

How to Find Your Lost iPad? –  Apple Repo, If you lose your iPad is there a way to locate the ipad device and also protect the data or lock it? Yes, there is a feature that does all this! It is possible to locate the lost ipad device and also display a message remotely and lock the lost ipad so that the finder will not be able to operate. You can remotely play a recorded message also. If the data is confidential it is possible to erase the data remotely. This feature can be made to go into work with few settings that you have to provide. It is in the feature “Find my iPad” that must be enabled to accomplish all this.

In the Settings app, you must select Mail/ Contacts and Calendar and ensure that Fetch New Data button is set to ON (Push) position. Next, in the Add Accounts… chose the MobileMe that requires your Apple ID and the correct password. When you are asked, press OK for permitting MobileMe to use the location data on your mobile. Retain the setting “Find My Mobile” checked and press Save. With these simple settings you have activated the location finding settings.

To check whether the setting works indeed to find your lost ipad, log me .com in to PC web browser or another device with the Apple ID and password. Allow the device’s location updated on Google map, and then click the info button or the right angle shown next to the device name. Now you have all the options to Display message, Play Music, or Lock or Wipe data. Now you can be sure that you your device can be tracked anytime and also protected as well!

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