IPod Touch 4th Generation

Update: After got success with the iPod touch 4th generation, now apple gadget fans waiting for ipod touch 5th generation.

There was a lot of ruckus and hullabaloo made over the products like the iPad and the Iphone 4G smartphone, but in the midst of it all there was also another Apple masterpiece that had been brought out: the iPod Touch 4th Generation. Apple had been very shady when it came to the unveiling of this gizmo in compared to the other up gradation of their models of smartphones and their line of laptops. Now with the Apple’s other products making a lot of buzz, a minnow amongst the bigwigs, the iPod Touch 4th Generation will be released in September 2010 Says Analyst in Barrons site. It is still to be seen whether it survives the skeptical eyes of critics and geeks/ tech-freaks alike. If statistics are anything to go by, it seems with the amount of interest the product is building up, surviving the initial onslaught would be a breeze.

The ipod touch fourth gen release date hasn’t yet been announced. This is strategically done every time Apple brings out a new product: so as just in time to meet the holiday shopping spree. Hence it’s been rumored that the iPod Touch 4th Generation would also be released during that time.

Other rumors are also doing the rounds that involve the much anticipated installation of a camera into the iPod touch. Many were left disappointed when the iPod Nano 4Gen didn’t have a camera. But they rest their hopes on this model: iPod Touch 4th Generation. Yet many inspect the prospect of installing a camera as a bad business strategy since it would eat into the iPhone markets. Probably Apple would shun the idea of a camera in iPod touch, at least as of for now. But if it does get itself a camera to boast off; it would be a 5 megapixel resolution with a LED flash.

Though pictures tend to show that the Apple iPad is just the oversized version of its successor: the iPod Touch 4th Generation, but in reality it’s not quite so. Apple has installed a VoiP appearances’ over the 3G network. Though it’s speculated that the Apple Iphone 4g would also have the Sim card tray like the iPad, but chances are slim(as they analysts and experts believe).

Now we dig deep into the features, the ones that were expected and the ones that weren’t. But before we go into the features, one improvement that Apple has promised with this latest product is the improved battery life. Longevity and retentivity of charge is becoming quite an issue as more and more of Apple products become heavy on appearances and applications. Hence this latest improvement would be quite a hit amongst the Apple fans. The other features include an increased capacity of 128 GB and NAND flash memory chips and better processing speeds and the networking capabilities. Multitasking is also another feature that has got a boost. Apple promises that with its better processor speeds multitasking would become quite much faster than in Apple’s other products.

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