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The people over at Apple sure have been busy. First the recent release of the iPad, and now the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta. The iPhone OS 4.0 Beta is firmware that developers have been hard at work creating, so that iPhone and iPod Touch users have more features and options than ever before! The announcement was made at the 1-Infinite loop campus, located in Cupertino.

The new iPhone OS 4 firmware will be available for all iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd generation, with all features fully in tact and with no bugs to report. However, if you happen to be like many of us and don’t have the latest and greatest version of either the iPhone or the iPod Touch, you’ll be pleased to know that the iPhone OS 4 firmware will also be supported on the iPhone 3G and the second generation iPod Touch. Of course, these users won’t have all of the features but, there are still many with really only the multitasking feature being the one that’s truly missed. And, because these days you can’t talk about the iPhone or the iPod Touch without also referring to the iPad, the firmware will of course also be available for Apple’s newest toy. The iPhone OS 4.0 firmware should be available for the iPad sometime in the fall.

But still, the firmware is new and is currently only open to developers that are authorized to sign in to Apple’s Developer Connection. And in order to have that authorization, you need to be a member of the iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program. If you’re one such lucky duck, you can download the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta version of the firmware here.

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