Apple to release new iMac next week

The iMac computer form Apple has been one of the most successful products that the company has launched in recent years and it has certainly changed its appearance since the original was launched many years ago. It is now rumoured that Apple is planning to launch a revamped version of the iMac device next week after rumours from 9to5.

It is said that Apple has been telling their customers that iMac orders have been delayed until next week. As well as this, Apple is also said to have stopped selling the iMac to resellers this week which has promoted people to believe that the iMac will be released next week. Also, on the Apple website, many customers have noticed that the shipping date of the iMac at the moment has been held back until 2nd May 2011 which has led people to believe that the iMac will be released by Apple on 3rd May 2011.

MacRumours has also suggested that there will be a new release by Apple on the 3rd May this year. It is thought that the new release of the iMac will include many new features including the Thunderbolt port that Apple recently rolled out across their Macbook Pro devices and the Intel Sandy Bridge processor. Apple is well known for releasing products on a Tuesday and 3rd May 2011 is actually a Tuesday so we are almost certain that this will be the date chosen by Apple.

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