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We’ve all been waiting and holding our breath, waiting to see what Apple was going to next unveil. When I new that Steve Jobs was going to be unveiling new things today, I was somewhat hesitant. I haven’t been so impressed with the latest Apple products. While the iPhone 4 is awesome, no doubt, it obviously also has its issues. And the iPad I wasn’t impressed with, based on design elements alone. So when today came, and I knew a big unveil was coming it, I was sort of holding my breath for a few different reasons. But, hearing about the new features of the iPod Touch, I’m once again a full believer in Apple, and all of their capabilities.

First, let’s start with the camera that we were all expecting. Yes, there’s a camera and in fact, there are two of them. One is front-facing, so you can talk and video chat and there’s one on the back that lets you not only take video, but take it in HD.

One of the things that everyone is looking for out of any new gadget is its battery life. A big deal when you’re watching videos and playing music on your Touch, but a massive one when surfing the Web. So, is the new Touch’s battery life better than the last? Indeed. Not as much as I would have expected, with the upgrade bringing 40 hours of battery life, as opposed to 30 hours with the current iPod Touch.

One of the first things anyone will notice about the new iPod Touch is the retina display. This is the same display that the iPhone 4 has, and one glance will tell you that it is far beyond the display on the current iPod Touch. Not that the graphics are bad, or that the touch screen is at all unclear. But it’s just that the screen on the iPhone 4 is so much better – and now, the screen on the iPod Touch is too!

Also like the iPhone 4, the new iPod Touch has a much faster processor. Again, really only a big deal if you’re on the Internet a lot, but still – very, very nice to have.

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