iPhone 4 in White: Release Date to be Announced

Update: There are new rumors related to iphone and ipod touch: iPod touch 5th generation and iphone 6 release date.

Later on today, Apple will host an event in which they are expected to unveil a few new products. You might have heard the rumours that Apple is likely to unveil the iTV but there are also rumours that they will be releasing the Apple iPhone 4…in white. Of course, these are imply rumours at the moment but it would certainly not be a shock as the iPhone 4 in white has been expected for quite a while no w and with the problems that Apple has been facing in regards to the iPhone 4 device, there is no surprise that it has been delayed this long.

Apple has stated in the past that although the iPhone 4 in white has been late to be released that it would certainly be released by the end of the year. We are sure that Apple has been working extremely hard to get the iPhone 4 in white ready for its release as it will surely be one of the most requested gifts this year at Christmas time. Many people have also been holding out for a white iPhone 4 since the release of the original iPhone 4 device in Black a couple months ago.

We are sure that many people will be glued to their computer screens later on as the event gets under way and they will be hoping that today Apple will release information as to when the iPhone 4 in white will be available.

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  1. My husband had noticed how my eyes would glaze over everytime the TV ad for the iPhone would come on, and surprised me yesterday by meeting me after work for dinner and then off to the Apple store. Once there, we never even approached the front of the store due to the crowds. It was something like two hours before we could even see the inside of the store. So, we just got some ice cream and chatted about the day while waiting.

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