iPhone 5 Release Date in UK

iPhone 5 Release Date UK

Well everyone who is Apple lover and who is having craze of iPhone is waiting for iPhone 5 Release Date. We have heard many rumors regarding it and few of the rumors are from official sources. One cannot actually predict the exact features of iPhone 5. Lets recall the recent launch of IPad 2 by Apple, on its launching date thousands of thousands people were standing in front of Apple store and there observed large queues for getting iPad 2.

It is the year 2011, and after iPhone 4, Apple is going to release its dearly iPhone 5. UK and especially the London that is considered the hub of Mobile phones market is also waiting for iPhone 5g release date. The retailers are questioned every day for the arrival of iPhone 5. I am sure you also want to have iPhone 5, so now you need not to worry just wait for few months and it will be in your use.

Now let me tell you the actual release date of iPhone 5 in UK Sources from Apple Inc and some other related to mobile phone industry are saying that iPhone 5 will be released on 21th November 2011 in United Kingdom. iPhone 5 is in the final stages of completion and soon it will be in markets. The release date of phone 5g that I have given is just for the present and it can be changed due to the progress at Apple’s side. We cannot confirm an iphone 5g release date actually as it only depends on Apple Inc.

iPhone 5 Release Date Delay

If you take survey of UK markets you will notice that most of the people who want iPhone are not buying other phones like Samsung, HTC etc. The mobile markets in U.K are having a certain downfall due to Apple iPhone 5 delays. A year back it was said by Apple that iPhone 5 will be released in starting of 2011. The successful launch of every mobile phone also affects the specific company positively or negatively. In case of Apple iPhone 5, the expectations are positive and much higher.

iPhone 5 Features

We are going to discuss few features that we know before the release of iPhone 5. iPhone 5 will have five mega pixel camera and there will be no home button as found on previous versions of iPhone. The screen will be much bigger that gives a high definition viewing experience. The storage capacity of iPhone 5 will be 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. I hope it will be affordable for many people. Thousands of people are waiting for the release date of iPhone 5 in UK and now with the passing of time the curiosity of everyone is increasing. The expected price of iPhone 5 in UK will be $495 – $825.

iPhone 5 is going to be the touchstone for other mobile manufacturing companies and soon it will be in the pockets of every Apple lover. iPhone 5 might be installed with IOS version 5 and it is something awesome. So over all the people of UK are really waiting for the release date of iPhone 5 that may be 21th November 2011. You could check another rumors on ipod touch fifth gen release date beside this iphone 5 release date info.

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