iOS 4.2 Beta Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

As you will know, every few weeks Apple will release a new iOS update for their iPhone and iPod Touch devices and this usually sees them add a few more features and iron out any bugs that they might have found in the firmware. Now, they have released the beta version of the iOS 4.2 firmware in order to let developers have the first look at it and it offers a few new things in terms of features.

The iOS 4.2 beta is now available for developers to download using the latest version of iTunes and the updates is pretty large as it is over 600 megabytes in size. The iOS 4.2 beta version is now available for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and even the iPad. The update brings a few new features to each of the devices with the iPad getting features such as multitasking and many others. The multitasking feature has only previously been available on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices and it will be great for iPad owners. There is also a rumour that Apple has added a variety of new SMS ringtones for the iPhone device with this new software update which is a great addition as there are currently just a few to choose from.

This iOS 4.2 update is set to be released after the beta testing is completed and there is hopefully going to be a few new features in store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users.

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