Potty Panic for the iPod Touch

Potty Panic is one iPod Touch game that is fun and addicting and combines being a potty traffic controller with that feeling of overwhelming doom that comes over one as they need to visit the bathroom and there’s not one to be found. This app works just on that premise. There’s a line of port-a-potties, and an even bigger line of people waiting to use them. Your job: to direct people into empty port-a-potties before anyone loses it before they make it into one. It’s a fun game and involves a few more graphics and game details than the simple games we’ve been bringing you lately. And yes, this is one game that definitely requires a sense of humor.

Make sure that the guests don’t run into each other! That is your only job. But you’ll quickly find how hard it can get, with lots of full potties, and more and more people getting in line every second. The game does give you some visual cues however to help you along the way. If anyone in the potty line starts to turn red and run around, then you better find them a potty – and quick!

Even though this free ipod touch game is fun (and a little obnoxious too), it does still have some kinks. The biggest one is that many users have reported that their game froze while they were playing. A reboot of your iPod Touch will fix the problem but still, that’s going to become annoying after a little while. The developers do say though that in the next update this issue will be resolved. And if you get it on your phone now, you’ll get that update as soon as it comes out. Download Potty Panic for the iPod Touch, for free, here!

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