Possible 5th generation iPod Touch Features

5th generation iPod Touch Features

For sure, the 5th generation iPod Touch features would be a lot better compared to the previous iPod touch 4th generation versions. Apple has been known to add important and valuable features to further improve iPods each year and this 5th generation is no exception. There are a lot of rumors and speculations about the possible 5th generation iPod Touch features.

There are many rumors about the iPod Touch 5G home button. There are news circulating that there would be no home button but there will be a capacitive sensing system, which is the latest technology also used by phones like the Android. Also, for the iPod Touch 5G there would be a huge improvement would regards to storage. There would be a huge storage upgrade from 64 GB (on the last model) to 128 GB. Also there are rumors that the upcoming fifth generation model is suppose to have a 3g connectivity, form factor, improvements in processor & RAM.

Rumor also has it that Apple will also be launching in early October a huge upgrade which is the Cloud Based service that will make music more accessible for the iPod Touch 5G users. iPod Touch 5th generation fans could also possibly see a great upgrade as a gaming system according to Richard Doherty, an analyst at Envisioneering Group. It’s safe to say that it would be a better gaming machine. So this will really be a big installment for future gaming fans looking to play while in the go since many mainstream gamers are now switching to portable gaming devices. But there is still no exact details released yet as to what upgrades are there for gaming but for sure it would be interesting to see those changes.

There are also speculations on the price of this new iPod Touch 5G. The price of the iPod Touch 4 is around $225 and the price will drop for the smaller storage of iPod. Many people are searching for the price speculations to get ready for the iPod Touch 5G release date to come very soon. And it is expected to be much more expensive than the previous versions.

iPod touch 5th generation Rumors really flood the mobile marketplace. Again, these are all not yet confirmed so we still have to wait and see for what’s to come. But the good news here is we believe that the iPod Touch 5G would surely be better and more improved as compared to the previous models. For now you can stay tuned to ipodtouch5gen.com or ipodtouch5greleasedate.com for all the latest and breaking news and information on the Ipod Touch 5G like 5th generation ipod touch features, rumours and price.

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