A Few Ways to Charge Your iPod Touch without a Computer

So you don’t have access to a computer, but the battery on your iPod Touch is low, and you want to charge it. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do this, you just need a few accessories! Here are some of our favorite ways to charge the iPod Touch without a computer.

The first way of course, is through a docking station. There are countless models of iPod Touch docking stations on the market that will charge your iPod Touch for you, and even play your iPod while it’s charging. You can get the most basic models that only include a small stand for your iPod, or you can get feature-rich models that will let you play the stereo, CDs, and more, all while charging your iPod Touch.

Another way to charge your iPod Touch is through an electrical plug that stands on its own and can be plugged into a wall. One side contains the plugs that will let you connect it to an outlet, and the other side has a slot for your iPod Touch USB cord. This is especially great for travelers because you don’t need bulky docking stations or access to a computer.

If you’re looking for a totally new way to charge your iPod Touch, and you love to dance, then the Dance Charge from Orange might be just what you’re looking for. Dance Charge actually uses your own body movements to charge an iPod by turning your slides, twists, and turns into electrical currents that will charge your iPod Touch for you. Talk about using a renewable resource!

Do you love to yo-yo? The iYo-Yo Charger is just the thing for you! This gadget toy works just like a yo-yo with a charger attached to it. Once you’ve yo-yoed enough, the charger will be fully charged and ready to just plug into your iPod Touch so it’s ready for you to use!

These are just a few of the conventional, and unconventional ways to charge your iPod Touch. Look around, and find out just how many ways there are for you to charge your iPod Touch!

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