Apple in iPad Trademark Dispute

Apple is well known for many electronic products that have revolutionised the industry and one of the most recent products that Apple has released is the iPad device. This is a fantastic tablet computer device with the touch screen technology that has previously been found on the iPhone and iPod Touch and Apple has had great success with the product. Now, Apple is facing legal action after a company has claimed that they have the rights to the iPad trademark in China and is planning to sue Apple over the name.

It is reported that a company in Taiwan originally had the trademark rights to the name IPAD and that there has been an ongoing battle over who has the rights to the trademark for quite some time. As well as this, there is also reports that Apple has had similar trouble in the United States after the company Fujitsu claimed that they owned the trademark. The company is China is planning to sue Apple for damages caused by using their trademark but it is said that Apple is fighting against this and that he case could go on for quite some time.

It is said that the sale of the I-PAD computer that was originally released by a different company in china did not go well and Apple then claimed the trademark to the product. This is not the first legal battle that Apple has been involved in and we are sure that it won’t be the last.

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