iPod Touch 5th Generation Release Date

iPod Touch 5th Generation Release Date

The iPod touch, commonly nicknamed as the iTouch, is one of the latest captivating installments in today’s technology by Apple. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the times lately or are doing research to fulfill your cyberpunk teen’s wildest holiday wishlist dreams, we can assure you that the iPod touch isn’t the tiny little MP3 player that had a little screen and was difficult to get to work on the computer from nearly a decade ago. In its own right, the multi-touch interface gadget deserves the tens of millions of fans’ worth of support. After all, the device is capable of anything ranging from distributing, capturing, and playing media, to serving as a gaming console, to extending its amazing abilities to being WiFi-enabled, whereas browsing the web can even be achieved. The iPod touch, along with other similar Apple contenders such as the iPhone and the iPad, are often considered superior even to most home computers in relation to their memory capacity and high-speed performance. Naturally, as with all popular and revolutionary products (particularly of the technological variety), there is a perpetual consumer hunger for more. The iPod touch, as of September 2010, had the 4G (ipod touch 4th generation) released by the Apple corporation. As the end of 2011 is nearing, iOS fans can’t help but to begin to wonder with vigor: When’s the next installment of iPod touch 5G (fifth generation) coming out, and what will it have in store for its eager consumers?

ipod touch 5th generation release date

Advancements of the iPod Touch 4G (as transitioned from the 3G) consisted of the inclusion of a front-facing camera, a built-in microphone, a 960×720 picture-resolution production when utilizing the camera, the capability of capturing a video up to 720p quality, and a retina display without the IPS screen. As for appearance, as if things couldn’t sound any shinier, the iPod touch 4G was also even reported to have a darker, sleeker shine of gloss over the body of the device than that of the 3G. Most Apple-reliable resources say that the iPod touch 5G will be released in late September to early October. Others say that another ipod touch 5th generation release date directly one year after the last release may be asking for a little much. Regardless of dispute, the vast majority of online information venues regarding the new Apple releases say that it shall either be iOS-lovers’ Christmas present, or maybe something like a New Year’s present. According to all sources, the new iPod touch is only a few months away.


Excited iPod touch users are being prepared for revolutionary results and clamoring over expectant new features of the device; it is rumored that new iPod touch 5G will be 3G-compatible. It will include the latest version of the Apple operating systems, iOS 5. As for the appearance, it is said to be available in white upon being released. As of late, nothing has been confirmed by Apple, including features and iPod touch fifth generation release date – however, the surprise is bound to be revealed within the next six months, and the corporation has yet to displease.

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