Apple iBooks 1.1.2 for the iPod Touch

Many iPad users will know about the Apple iBooks 1.1.2 app because it’s through this app that you can browse and download e-books onto your iPad. But this handy little app is great to have on your iPod Touch too. And if you have both, all the better.

Through iBooks, you’ll gain full access to the iBookstore, a place where you can check out all of the latest titles as well as some of those classics that we all know and love. And you can have them all right in the palm of your hand on your iPod Touch. And in the iBookstore, you can also read a small passage from the book so you can decide before you download it. While you’re reading, you’ll also be able to highlight certain passages and even make notes if you want. And instead of flipping through a book on your lap, you can quickly and easily search any book for a specific word, character, or phrase. You have your choice of how you download books through the iBookstore. You can display them on a white or sepia background and can adjust the layout of how you view the pages.

iBooks is especially great when you have multiple devices like the iPod Touch, the iPhone, and/or the iPad. Sync them all together so that whenever you open an app on one device, you’ll have full access to all your latest downloads, favorites, bookmarks, and other options that you used and saved in the app on another device, whatever your latest actions were. And, it’s not just books that you can look through and download either, but PDFs too.

Of course like so many other wonderful apps for the iPod Touch, the best thing of all about this one is that it’s free, and you can download it here.

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