How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to PS3

Transfer Music from iPod Touch to PS3

Do you own ipod touch or iphone and PS3 too?
Do you need to add music from your ipod touch to your PS3?
Is that Possible to do?
My Answer for the question “How to Transfer Music from iPod touch to PS3“?” is Yes, It’s possible to do. Please follow the details instructions provided on the next paragraph of this article.

transfer music from ipod touch to ps3

Before anything else, have the important materials and applications ready. You need to have:

iPod Touch (whatever generation it is)
PS 3
IPod USB cable/connector (I recommend you using the original connector to avoid unwanted effects)

Steps to Transfer Music from iTouch to PS3

First step to do is to plug your iPod touch to the PS3 through USB cable.

Second Step is you need to select “Music” from the main menu CrossMediaBar >>USB >> iPod touch.

Third step: Please open the music folder and choose any folder, then press the triangle button on the PS3 controller, then select Copy Multiple

Fourth Step: In this step, you need to press the circle button on the PS3 controller to get back to the main “Music” folder once copying is complete. You now can play the music from your PS3 because now Transfer Music from itouch to PS3 has been completed. Well Done.

Another tips for iPod Touch to PS3 Music Transfer (watch the video)

Here’s a list of things you’ll need!
1) A Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch (Obvously!)
2) A PlayStation 3 (Genius!)
3) Cydia
4) Search “iTunesdb” (Without the “quote marks”), and download all three which show up
5) BossPrefs
6) Music (Duh!)
7) A Wireless Internet connection!
8) Media Server enabled on the PS3
Remember, your iPhone / iPod need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi access point as your PS3 for this to work!

The very big note from me is you need to make sure that you own 100% right to the music files, we strongly not recommend you to play pirated music on your ipod touch or PS 3. There are many sites which provide you free music for ipod touch, but make sure that the site is trusted to share the free music. i recommend you to get free music from reliable source like iTunes. Just purchase music from them.

We really love to hear your experience about this topic, just drop your comment and share your thought if you have another better and simplest tips to transfer music from iPod touch to PS3. We and all ipod touch users will love to get the tips.

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  2. With the iPad five and the new universal feature, you should be able to “beam” your music just about anywhere you want!

    1. Hi Bob, what you mean here? Ipad 5? Ipad 3 is not yet released, and now you talk about iPad five?

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