Kik Messenger; Free iPod Touch App Review

There are a lot of different messengers out there for the iPod Touch and the iPhone devices but one that has been released the most recently goes by the name of KIK messenger. This is a great messenger that is available to download free of charge and is now used by millions of people all around the world. Chances are that your friends already have this messenger to communicating with them will be extraordinarily easy.

One of the great things about KIK is that you are able to use it on your iPod Touch and then, you can communicate and send messages to friends just like you were texting on an iPhone. Of course, there is Apple’s iMessage on the iPod Touch but this is only available on Apple devices. The great thing about KIK messenger is that it is actually multi-platform meaning that you are able to download it on Blackberry and other Smartphone devices. This allows you to talk to all of your friends, no matter what Smartphone they have got.

KIK is a great messenger in itself too and it will send push notifications on the iPod Touch. It also allows you to download something called Sketchee which will allow you to draw pictures on the iPod Touch and send them to friends. You can also send images, videos sounds and more free of charge with the app so long as you have an internet connection on your iPod Touch.

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