The Three Best Shopping Apps for the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is great for doing all kinds of stuff. But did you know that you can shop directly from your Touch, without ever opening the browser? All you need to do it are some good shopping apps, and we’ve scrounged around in iTunes to bring you the three best shopping apps for the iPod Touch.

Gap StyleMixer – Mix and match different pieces from the Gap wardrobe and find entire outfits that you absolutely must have. Just have fun playing dress-up, or purchase the clothes once you’ve found something truly to die for. You can save more money for shopping with this app too, because it’s Gapsolutely free. Download it from iTunes here.

Lucky at Your Service – This app truly takes the leg work out of shopping for you. Browse through all of the retail selections within the app and then tap, “Find it Near You.” Being truly at your service, your request will be sent in for processing. The good people at Lucky will call the store to make sure it’s available and put it on hold for you. Within an hour, you’ll be sent instructions for pickup. And if you don’t want to head out to the store at all, Lucky will also send you to your nearest online retail outlet, where you can buy it there. And, for those savvy shoppers, this app is also free, and can be downloaded here.

Rugby Ralph Lauren Make Your Own – Do you love rugby shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts? Do you also have a passion for Ralph Lauren, one of the top designers in the world? Then you’ll love the chance to design your own Ralph Lauren rugby shirt! Totally customize a shirt, and the person wearing it, to make a shirt that you absolutely love and that is completely your own. Post it to the gallery, purchase it, or browse through what others have done in the gallery and buy someone else’s design. This app is great not only for shoppers, but for potential designers too – and free too!

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