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iPod users surely know about how much they cannot do without this innovative portable media player. It’s quite awesome because it lets you play your favorite music, whenever you want. Additionally, you get to view those great movies and video, through its pristine display which gives you crystal clarity. It is this functionality that has made the iPod so popular with music lover all over the world and why it is so successful. With features that offer 22 hours of audio playback and 5 hours of video, there is nothing stopping the iPod.

If you want to download your favorite music and listen to it, you can easily do it using its iTunes Software. Download it from Apple’s website. This means, you many be at the beachside or in your office, but you can connect the device to iTunes store and begin you download. iPod Touch has the ability to play videos is Protected AAC format, MP3 format , M4A/AAC format, Apple Lossless format and Audible audiobook. It is also capable of playing videos is format Quick Time, mp4, .m4v, and MPEG-4.

Now, all this great functionality that you get with the iPod Touch is brought to the tips of your finger, through its software iTunes. ITunes is the interface that makes the iPod Touch manageable. You use it to organize, store, download, remove and in short manage all your audio and video files. In order to make use of this software, you have to download it from Apple’s Website, when you first turn on your iPodTouch device for the very first time after purchase.

The software that runs the first generation of iPod Touch is the iPod 1.3 software. In the second generation release, the software’s version is iPod Touch 2.0.

iPod touch 2.0 update offers the following set of improvements:

§ Much easier to use interface

§ No need to disconnect and reconnect iPod for software updates

§ It can play files in AAC format

§ You can set options for which items should be displayed on the main menu

§ Improved clock menu and new alarm clock facility

§ Playlist can be created temporarily on the iPod screen

§ iPod no longer shows an OK before disconnecting

§ You can view and store text files

Recently Apple brought out an upgrade in its iPod 2.0 software. The following improvements are available with the iPod touch 2.0 update:

§ The operating system is definitely much more robust that what you have with the first release of iPod Touch

§ User interface is revamped. Quite smart and really fast

§ When you play video, the ability to forward or backward, in that video is quite quick now

§ Managing play list is made easier

§ An interesting addition is the scientific calculator

§ Display and reading of email is much faster

This iPod Touch 2.0 upgrade is for free. Take up the iPod Touch 2.0 upgrade and enjoy an enhanced features and more flexible usage options. Through the upgrade your iPod Touch will be in sync with the other software in the market.

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