Can’t Get Your iPhone Icons Back to Normal Size? Try This!

One of the most common problems that shows up in our discussions is a problem with enlarged iPhone icons. Most often, the problem comes from out of nowhere, at any given time, and for seemingly no reason whatsoever. You’ll just be playing a game or browsing the Web, and suddenly your iPhone icons get really big and you can’t seem to get them return to normal size. Luckily, there are quite a few fixes to this problem.

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First of course, try the three-finger, double-tap method. This is the normal method used for zooming out and might be all you need to do to get it back to normal. If that doesn’t work (or you just think this is an annoying setting to have turned on), you can turn it off altogether. To do this, go to the Settings icon and tap on it. Then tap on “General”, then “Accessibility”, and then “Triple-Click Home.” Turn this option to “No” and you shouldn’t have to worry about icons that are way too big, ever again.

And of course when all else fails, just like any other iPhone or iPod Touch problem, reset the device and that might be enough to get you well on your way. Hopefully, one of the easy solutions above helps all those who are not able to use their phones properly due to enlarged icons.

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