How to Close Out of Apps on iPhone X, XS and XR

It may sound pretty easy to quit an app. The fact is, though, that it’s not a bit simple if you do not know exactly what to do. So how to close out of apps on iphone X, XS, XR or iphone 12 that no longer has home button anymore? Here we go through the process!

In the past, when iPhones had home buttons, it was quick and easy to access the so-called app overview by pressing the home button twice. For the newer Apple phones, where the home button is missing, this is no longer the case.

However, when you soon find out about the new way, it is actually at least as fast and even a little faster than using the home button. Here’s how to access the app overview and quit apps on iPhone X, XS (Max) and XR!

How to Close Out one or more apps on iPhone X, XS and XR

close apps on iphone x

Please follow these steps if you get this kind of problem:

  • To access the app overview (where apps are turned off), first drag your finger from the bottom of the phone up to the center of the screen. Then keep your finger on the screen until you see that the open apps start “looking forward” from the left side, then release your finger from the screen.
  • You can now scroll between your open apps by swiping left and right. When you have reached the app you want to close, tap the app window and slide it up until the app disappears from the screen.
  • To close more apps, just repeat the process and swipe them off the screen. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to close all apps. But they (still) need to be closed one by one. A small “Close all apps” button would have been nice in a future iOS update.

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If you encounter problems or have questions about apps and iPhone like this how to close out of apps on iphone problem, you are as usual welcome to ask it in the comments!

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