iMobsters for the iPod Touch

Do you love playing Mafia Wars on Facebook? Or do you always dress up like your favorite mobster at Halloween? The fascination with the Mob is a big one, and that’s why the developers of iMobsters have brought you this new game for the iPod Touch. Now you can take the Mob with you wherever you go!

In the game you’ll start out as a petty thief. But that doesn’t mean that you have to remain happy with that position. Work your way through the levels by completing challenges, which consist of committing several crimes. And in return, you’ll also get weapons, real estate, and more! Plus you can also add players to your hit list and fight players in real time! And you can talk to other players too just by commenting on their profiles. And, you can also invite other players to join your mob to make it an even bigger force to be reckoned with.

Sure the game is a little dirty and a lot dangerous (well, pretend dangerous anyway.) But who doesn’t have a fascination with the mob and want to get just a tiny little taste of it? The game also has what’s described as “real mob-like sounds” which we imagine means lots of cursing and shooting, and it does have fantastic images. The app is also very clearly laid out with icons on the bottom that will quickly take you to all your latest missions, equipment, and newest or possible recruits.

Although we have yet to try this game out for ourselves, it does look look like a lot of fun. However, users have reported in iTunes that the game was once really fun to play, but the new developers, Storm8, keep putting too many restrictions on the game, such as how many people you can kill and when you can do that. We still think this game might be worth at least a try. Give it a shot by downloading it from iTunes here.

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