“Please check your network connection and try again later” Problem

We have just discussed what to do during the regular network problems that we could usually encounter. This was already mentioned at a post before this, but for those who would not want to check it out anymore, the steps stated there were simple. They are too simple that perhaps I could share a few with you before I give you the solution to the issue that I stated in the title.

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This is because sometimes, this problem is a network connection problem as well, obviously. Hence sharing the solutions discussed the previous post could also be of help to you. First of the solutions stated are the resets. There are two types of resets.

Next, you can try resetting the network settings. There’s a warning before performing this though. You should know your settings first before resetting it as you might be asked to enter them again after the reset. In any case, you could also try resetting the router if ever this problem happens. Resetting the router could also solve the problem as the router could remember your original network settings.

Please check your network connection and try again later.

Now, if resetting your settings and your router, as well as resetting your device are not enough to solve your network problems, then here is a small trick that you can try. This could usually solve the issue that shows the prompt that says “Please check your network connection and try again later”. This message could be brought about by a number of reasons. Maybe there’s just a connection problem regarding your network company, but if you cannot wait for it to be fixed, or if you feel that that is not the case for you.

This is by changing your domain name server (DNS) to one of Google’s public DNS – if your own is not working. This could be done by accessing your Settings, then selecting WiFi, then tap on the blue arrow. Look for the space where you’re going to enter a DSN. Once found, simply type the following:, . After this, log in to your iMessage, and you’re all set.

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