Apple iPhone Voicemail Problem

One of the biggest drawbacks of apple iphone is the voicemail problem, the problem is that even if you have the voicemail feature activated iphone does not divert the call it just keeps on ringing and ringing. This common problem is even more evident if you have an unlocked phone.

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Another voice mail problem is that like most of voicemails it follows a linear pattern that is if you have say 20 voicemails and you want to listen to the 18th one you have to sift through each one after the another, though apple has tried to fix this problem by incorporating visual voicemail wherein the user can choose which message to hear but the solution is still network specific and not all apple iphone users are able to enjoy the service making the apple iphone voicemail problem still the same.

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If you are plagued by apple iphone voicemail problem involving the ringing and ringing and not diverting to voicemail here’s a quick fix to changing the timeout period and getting rid of this problem.
– From the dial pad key In *#61#
– Then call
– Remember your voicemail number
– Key in *61*1VOICEMAILNUMBER*11*30# that means if voicemail number is 24908761223 then you have to dial *61*124908761223*11*30# where the last digits 30 stands for the time duration with 30 being the maximum and 20 being default.
– Press call to send the service command
– After you are done with this you will see the following
Setting Activation Succeeded> Voice Call Forwarding >When Unanswered

With these steps you have successfully overcome apple iphone voicemail problem, congrats.

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  1. … in 2006 the “E” network symbol in UK meant EDGE, whenever O2 had not network coverage, let’s say in central London, one could still access the internet…

    When I inquire about that in Australia (at my arrival 3 years later) no one (Optus, Telstra, Vodaphone etc. etc.) knew about it.

    Only now, in 2011 technology is catching up downunder.

    Regardless, I never had any of these issues, which I think are related to what your mobile network provider offers you, not the phone itself.

  2. I never ever heard about any of these issues as they never existed on either of my iPhones !!

    And no, it’s not correct to say you have to go through 18 voice messages to get to the one you want…
    My first iPhone (Gen 1) bought in UK, already had a feature where I could choose which voice message I wanted to listen to first!!

    However, 3 years later, when I moved to Australia, I noticed the mobile phones providers (selling iPhone) did not offer this feature (and a few others, like the “E” network symbol for when you’re out of range).

    Although when I take the same iPhone (G4 now) to Europe and use a local sim card the feature is back on!
    So I can only assume this is a feature not supported by some mobile phone providers in some countries.

    – Also I never had the issue with the calls not being diverted to the voice mail either. Again I think this is an isolated issue depending on which mobile network provider you use. (just like some of the mobile network providers, you have to call the customer service after you activated the phone and request to get the network activated before you can use the wireless feature. again, it’s nothing to do with the phone itself., but the mobile network provider. As not all the countries I lived, I ever had to do this)

    I just wanted to set the record straight !!

  3. I have never been called a “fanboy muppet” before, and I must say I am delighted with that moniker! Anyway, no, dassa12z, you illiterate wanker, I did not say that windows can’t do as much as mac. Where did you see that? Show me.

    Point is, you can choose a wild and free frontier to live in like you get with Android, and that’s a perfectly valid existence or some. Or you can choose to move to the city which has a bus service and restaurants and dry cleaners and magazine shops and plumbers and other services available to you when you need them. That’s what I’m talking about as the difference between the Android world (and indirectly the Windows software world; the wild frontier) and the iPhone (and Mac) world.

    And dassa12z, don’t take offense at my calling you an illiterate wanker. You know I’m just gettin’ back at u. I obviously have no idea how well you can read and write. 🙂

  4. it’s AT&T issue, I have used iphone in many countries now i am in canada i have used in AT&T, T-mobile, Fido, rogers, Chatr… works fine. AT&T always had drop call problem. but if you are complaining about iphone 4 then it’s correct. iphone 4 is the worst of all the iphones. yes iphone has few problems but not these iPhone Voicemail Problem


  6. $85 to change a battery that you can do yourself on other phones for around $20!

    This is a classic apple scams.

    iPhone security is only good for 20 seconds in a hacking contest at blackhat.

    Can you hear me now? iPhone 4 major antenna problems hold the phone normal and the signal goes away!

    And the iJunk list goes on and on….

  7. iTim24, u are wrong, mac os x does need/ should have an antivirus, the ONLY reason mac does not have as many viruses, is because hackers choose to infect Windows computers because 95% of the consumers use it. BUT mac users should be more worried now, because the “bad guys” also try and infect mac’s now. so don’t say that because u use windows u need antivirus, cuz mac’s should also start using it asap

  8. iPhone is the Starbucks of all smart phones. Sure it comes with a high price tag, but inside and out, it’s the best smartphone hands down.

  9. In agreement with Keith. If Microsoft had as many restrictions as Apple, then there wouldn’t be a need for virus software and all that riffraff. Point is, Apple is clearly more sophisticated and organized when it comes to their software and gadgets.

  10. Keith G , u fanboy muppet , u saying windows cant do as much as a mac? u mean like play ALL THE GAMES ahahah go away , hell even a jailbroken iphone is still more restricted than a stock android rom and costs 20%

  11. What the f are you talking about? I have never heard of anybody having the problem you talk about, and frankly, anyone complaining about a problem with a jailbroken iPhone should not wonder why Apple tries to “lock up” the iPhone as much as they do. Look, there are probably a hundred or a thousand times as many applications that run on Windows as there are on Mac. Does that mean that people do a thousand times more things with their Windows computers? Hardly! Probably the opposite. Apple tries to provide an integrated user experience, for people who want to get stuff done, and expect to be able to sit down at the machine and know how to do it. In the Windows world, with no such controls, everybody and his brother thinks he’s a great programmer, and probably 95% of the programs are total crap. They are badly written, they don’t work, they are confusing, they leave out significant details, etc. And you, the user, have to try to sift through all of this to find the good ones that actually work.

    If you’re going to mess with that, and screw around with the controls that Apple has tried to build into the iPhone, so that you can run these bozo applications that other people write that they couldn’t get accepted by the App Store, then that’s your own tough luck.

    For my experience, now having owned three iPhones, voicemail works flawlessly, exactly as intended, and exactly as I need it to. The problems this article is talking about simply do not exist for me or for anyone I know.

  12. This is *not* a problem created by the iphone – or any other phone… It’s the carrier that messes up. Period. The iphone is intended to use visual voicemail and it works absolutely flawless (in my case with t-mobile in Germany). It’s plain silly to blame wrong settings on part of carriers on a phone.

  13. RTFM,
    you can silence your iphone by pressing the power buton once, and reject a call by pressing it twice.

  14. 1st gen iphone sweet..2nd gen hell we got camera…3rd gen now we get flash with camera, and i think video?? LOL …. I4crap well nuf said on that… all this in a span of 4yrs now wow everyones been getting ripped off for yrs, gotta pay out the a@@ for the plan….think ill stop now….im crying….

  15. Just got an iphone4 today and was getting frustrated with this. Set up voicemail but calls were not diverted to it. used your method above and, though it looks a bit complicated, it does indeed work so thanks for posting it. I know have a divert to voicemail after 30 secs. Been trying to work it out for hours and am v happy to have solved it!!

  16. Thanks for this…got my iphone last Friday and didn’t know that shop hadn’t set up my v/m until people saw me after the weekend and said that they couldn’t leave msgs on my phone! Followed your steps and sorted it out in 5 mins. Fantastic help!! Kept info just in case I need it again. Thanks again.

  17. I want my phone to ring *LONGER*… before going to voice-mail.

    I’m tired of everyone making a mad-dash for the phone… before it quickly goes to voice-mail before anyone has a chance to answer it.

    How do I set this it 60 secs?

    Even my oldest tape-based answering machine had a simple “answer on switch ring” setting.

  18. I have been using my first gen iPhone since day one and I never had this problem. In fact, I have never even heard of this problem until today.

  19. I know many other iPhone users are having this issue and AT&T says it is a known issue. Maybe if everyone calls in and gets a credit they will take this issue more serious. Please pass this along to as many iPhone customers as possible and have them call in and register a complaint and ask for a credit.

    Thank you for taking the time to e-mail the new AT&T regarding the delay in receiving voicemail messages. My name is ——-. I can definitely assist you with your inquiry.

    I apologize for the frustration and inconvenience resulting from the delay in receiving the voicemail messages. Because of the nature of the wireless system, there can be delays in the delivery of such items as voicemail messages, although the long delay that you experienced was excessive. Although visual voicemail is included with the rate plan, I have applied a credit of $10.00 on your account because of the inconvenience. The balance on your account after the credit is a credit balance of $10.00 that can be applied to the next bill.

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