Experiencing iPod Problems?

iPods for music enthusiast are just like heroine. The accessibility of your entire favorite music library just at the tip of your fingers is very addictive. However, just like any other electronic gadgets it is not perfect. Here are some of the iPod problems that you can encounter and tips that can help you out in these situations.

First is when your battery won’t stay ON. This is the motherboard or the iPod battery problem. If it is the motherboard problem then the problem just happened suddenly but if it’s the battery then it’s been happening gradually to your iPod. You can replace the battery or ask a repairman to do it for you. If it’s the problem of the motherboard then it will definitely cost you a lot because it is the most highly cost part of your iPod.

Next is when your iPod get wet. Electronics and water is really a bad idea. If you accidentally get your iPod wet then it will not cheap to repair it. Actually, you may consider buying another one if this happens because even after a week or so to dry it out, you can’t actually make it work.

Another one is when your headphones break. This is not easy to fix and require a very extensive soldering ability but not really recommendable. You may ask an iPod repairman to do the repair for you or replace the board. However, the first one is definitely the cheaper one.

Last is when your iPod’s touch wheel breaks. This is a regular problem for most iPods. When this happens you won’t be able to do scrolling as well. You can actually do this one instead of paying a visit to a repairman. You can buy a touch wheel and replace the broken one. Find a good tutorial on the internet and follow it.

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  1. My ipod touch’s rotation isnt working, when i go onto a picture, and rotate my ipod horizontal- it dosent seem to want to rotate, how can i fix this?

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