6 Helpful Solutions to Why Does My IPad Charge Slow

Why Does My IPad Charge Slow

Solutions to Why Does My IPad Charge SlowAppleRepo dot com, It seems like your iPad charges the slowest when you need it to charge the fastest. Here is how you can quick-charge your tablet. You know those times when you’re rushing out the front door of your home, then after grabbing your iPad you learn that its battery has a grand total of zero bars of power. What’s one to do? First, tap to drop into Settings. Look at the first option you can select on the screen, which is Airplane Mode.

When you need a quick charge after you learn why my ipad charge slow, toggle Airplane Mode to “ON.” When you make this selection, your phone won’t perform certain tasks, such as checking for text messages or phone calls. These operations use a ton of power, so when you turn them OFF, your phone will be able to charge much faster.

Caution: Make sure to turn Airplane Mode to “OFF” after you’re done charging. While you won’t want text messaging and calling to drain your iPad’s battery while you’re charging, you’ll want to avail of those features when it’s been juiced up.

Here are some main reasons why your iPad is charging slowly:

Why Does My IPad Charge Slow

1. The iPad adapter
The problem is that the output the adapter creates simply isn’t enough to charge the iPad quickly enough. Instead of using the standard 12W adapter, consider using a docking station instead. You’ll be able to juice up your tablet much faster. Make sure not to use the iPad while it’s charging.

2. Extremely hot or cold temperatures
Your Apple tablet computer is designed to perform within a wide temperature range, such as when you discover why my ipad charge slow. The ideal temps range from 62° to 72° F (16° to 22° C). Keep in mind that charging the battery in extremely hot or cold temperatures can have a negative impact on your iPad battery. Besides that, it can negatively affect the speed at which your gadget charges.

3. Using/Charging simultaneously
Make sure not to use your iPad while you’re charging it, Basically you can drain the battery as fast as you charge it. If you have to send a text while your iPad is charging, that wouldn’t be a problem. But try not to run a ton of apps, and especially those that would drain the battery faster than a sink.

4. USB charging
In particular, it’s advisable to use wall chargers instead of USB charges, with the former being significantly faster than the latter. This is even true when you’re using just one USB port.

6. Fake cable/connectors
If the cable is not supported, you will see a warning that that is true. This will explain why my ipad charge slow. While you’ll still be able to charge, it’ll be as slow as molasses. So it’s advisable to use a genuine Apple cable when charging your gadget.

If your iPhone is not charging quickly, you might wonder why my ipad charge slow. The above-mentioned reasons can help to solve your IPad Charge Slow problem in a jiffy.

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