How to Lock and Unlock Your iPad with Your Smart Cover One great feature of Apple’s iPad device gives users the ability to lock and unlock the “Home” screen automatically using a smart cover. iPad Smart covers are produced both by Apple and by third party companies. A small magnet has been installed on the right side of the iPad’s face. When that magnet matches up with a similar magnet installed in the smart cover, the iPad automatically turns off. Opening the case separates the two magnets, which turns the iPad on. To enable this functionality, all you have to do is turn on a very specific feature within the main iPad “Settings” utility.

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Step 1

Place your Apple iPad inside your first party or third party smart cover. The front of the smart cover needs to be able to touch the right side of your iPad’s screen when closed. If your iPad is placed into the case in any other way, the case will not be able to turn your iPad on and off automatically.

Step 2

Turn on your iPad using one of its two primary buttons, either on the top or the front of the device. Unlock your main iPad screen by sliding your finger across the “Slider” bar.

Step 3

Open the native iPad “Settings” icon by tapping it a single time. The column on the left side of the app window will be labeled “Settings” and will feature category breakdowns relating to the options that you can adjust on your device. The column on the right side of the screen will reflect the category of options that you have selected to change.

Step 4

Tap “General.” The “General” options screen will fill the column on the right side of your device. Locate the option labeled “iPad Cover Lock / Unlock,” which is located in the center of the screen below the “Passcode Lock” option and above the “Restrictions” option. Tap the grey word “Off” one time to enable the “iPad Cover Lock / Unlock” feature. When enabled, the blue button next to this feature will read “On.”

Step 5

Close the front of your iPad smart cover. Make sure that the cover is physically touching the front of your iPad’s screen. Closing your smart cover will turn off your iPad automatically. To turn your iPad back on, open the smart cover the way you would open the cover on a book. Your iPad’s “Home” screen will display automatically. Note that you no longer need to slide your finger across the “Slider” bar to reveal the “Home” screen with the smart cover lock/unlock option enabled.

You can disable this option at any time by switching the “iPad Cover Lock / Unlock” feature to “Off” in the “Settings” application.

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