Having Problems with your iPhone Camera?

Lots of people have been writing in to us lately, telling us of the different problems with the iPhone camera they’ve been having. There are quite a few different things that can go wrong with the camera on the iPhone. But, there seems to be one general fix that will get rid of whatever problem you’re having.

The problem seems to be that there is a glitch in iTunes when it comes to pictures that you store in it. The glitch causes a picture file name to appear but it will be a picture that you didn’t take, and it will have a really long file name that you most likely won’t recognize (unless you’ve had this problem before.) The file name will be different for every iPhone, but it will look something like this, “f1b43d3b3ecf259a3626c13a8b0cebd8ba513117.mdbackup.” Write down the name of the file because you will need it for the next step.

That step is to then find the backup file in the directory that iTunes automatically writes to every time you save something in iTunes. You can usually do that by following the path: “C:Documents and Settings/My Computer/Application Data/Apple Computer/MobileSync/BackUp/(whatever the name of the file is that you wrote down.)”

Then just the delete the file once you find it and your iPhone camera should be working as normal. You can try it now and leave it if it seems to be in good working order. Many people like to reset their iPhone through iTunes after doing this type of thing with it though. It seems to be a personal choice but if your camera doesn’t work right away, definitely try a reset and that should do the trick for ya!

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  1. I have Ipod touch and i am having problem in camera, camera is not getting started even to take photographs.

    If any one has any clue then please do let me know

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