Is Your Sleep Button a Bit Sensitive?

Many people have the same problem of having a very sensitive Sleep button on the iPod Touch. Whether you’ve dropped it on the floor, or it just started acting crazy one day, now your Sleep button turns itself off and on whenever it chooses. A super sensitive Sleep button can be a super irritating problem, especially when you’re trying to listen to music or watch videos on your iPod Touch.

Many people suggest trying to pop the Sleep button back up with a thin knife or other narrow object. The reasoning for this seems to make enough sense. Because the problem is usually that the Sleep button has been pushed down too far, it’s logical that popping it back out should be all that’s needed. However, this is actually one of the worst approaches you could take. The problem is that this is a problem that Apple will be able to help you with. But they won’t if they see that you have damaged your iPod Touch. They’ll tell you that you’ve voided your warranty and that there’s nothing they can do. So, what to do next?

You can try just plugging your iPod Touch back into it’s home computer. Surprisingly, this seems to be a very common fix for most iPod Touch users that have had this problem. Why this works is exactly unknown but, it takes two seconds and won’t hurt your iPod so why not give it a shot? But, if that still doesn’t work

Call Apple. If your iPod Touch is still under warranty, they will be able to fix it or replace it for you. However, if you have a jailbroken iPod Touch, it’s extremely important that you restore it before you let Apple get a hold of it. They aren’t too keen on people messing with their original iPod Touch so make sure it looks like you just bought it before you go taking it back for them to fix!

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