Common Iphone Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Iphone Problems and How to Solve Them

iPhone hangs frequently

If you are dissatisfied with your iPhone because it hangs all the while, then you have lots of company. One of the most Common Iphone Problems is that it freezes suddenly with no trigger at all. The problem is with the software. The iphone problem may also be caused if software is not loaded into the phone properly. Virus in the phone can also cause frequent hang-ups. However, if your phone does hang up, the best solution to solve this common Iphone problem is to switch it off. Hold the home button depressed for a few seconds. The phone will switch off. You can switch it on after a few seconds and the hang up will be history.

iPhone has serious connectivity issues

although iPhone has been designed to aid unlimited connectivity, it has serious connectivity issues. The network provider for the phones is the top company in America, the AT&T. inefficient service from the company is the main cause of connectivity problems. Another reason is inefficient Infineon chip. Because of these common iphone problems, users get disconnected during calls and while downloading data from the net. The signals are not strong everywhere. Although there is no foolproof solution to the problem, you can check the signal strength before beginning your downloads.

iPhone Bluetooth does not recognize computer

Users are finding it increasingly irksome to experience difficult interface between their laptops and iPhones. Bluetooth connectivity is pathetic to say the least. Most users complain that the iPhone keeps continuously searching for laptop code although the laptop recognizes the iPhone signal. The iphone problem may be solved in some cases by going through the instructions in the user manual and ensuring that the settings are changed to “discoverable”. However, despite changing the setting, some users face this iphone problem. The cause of the problem has not been declared or corrected by the company so far.

iPhone screen is tinted with yellow

The screen of iPhone develops a color tint after certain duration. Usually the tint color is yellow but users have also noticed blue and red tints on the screen. The tinting is either concentrated on some corner of the screen or spread all over. The manufacturers of the phone have blamed some sort of residue in the manufacturing process for this tinting. If you are looking for a solution for this Common Iphone Problem, then you will be disappointed because there is none. If your phone is under the warranty period, you can ask for a replacement. This is the only solution for the tinting problem in iphone. Replacements can be easily done in phone stores.

iPhone battery does not charge with computer USB port

iPhone batteries are supposed to charge with USB ports on your computer but they don’t sometimes. The reason for this common iphone problem is insufficient input power from the laptop if your battery is completely dead. Make sure that you charge your iPhone battery when there is still battery strength left in it. Since the battery discharges very quickly, you will need to keep checking the battery and recharging it. You can charge the phone on any wall port if your battery is fully discharged.

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    I put it on the charger and it doesnt seem to be doing anything.
    I cannot turn it on???

    Only the Apple logo shows???

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