How to Fix the Backlight on Your iPod Touch

So you’re surfing the web or using one of your apps on your iPod Touch and suddenly, the entire screen becomes dimmer. Or maybe you just picked up your iPod Touch and went to use it as normal, only to find that there’s no light on your screen. When this happens, it means that there’s a problem with your backlight. The backlight is the light that illuminates the screen and lets you use your iPod Touch even when you’re in a completely dark room. So, how do you fix the backlight on the iPod Touch?

Unfortunately, this is something that isn’t such a simple fix, and it’s going to take a lot more than just restoring your iPod. The problem with the backlight is that it’s installed within the LCD. If you’ve ever seen the inside of a Touch, or you’re brave enough to open yours up, you’ll see that there’s a thin, fluorescent tube that sits at the bottom of the LCD. This tube is the backlight for the Touch. Unfortunately, in order to replace it, you need to replace the entire LCD and not just that one tube. This is pretty risky to do yourself, as it involves working with the delicate underbelly of the iPod Touch. And it’s also pretty costly to have someone else do for you – as they’d be taking your fragile Touch into their hands.

The only real solution is to get a new iPod Touch. You could send it in to Apple and see what they could do for you and of course, if you’re Touch is still under warranty, this is something you should have done immediately. If it’s not, they might still be able to fix it for you, at a cost, but that cost might be very high. And besides, the new iPod Touch was just unveiled yesterday. Now might just be the time to upgrade.

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  1. I’m a poor African who just got an itouch from a friend abroad as a birthday gift, used this itouch for 4 months and after that it had a backlight prob,don’t have money to get a new one and more still i dont know if it has any warranty again.can somebody help me to finance the arrangement of my itouch? THANKS

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