How to Customize iPod Touch Home Screen?

How to Customize iPod Touch Home Screen?

Gently press the only button found on the bottom of your iPod Touch and you’ll quickly be looking at what Apple calls the Home screen. One of the greatest little features that Apple included with the iPod Touch was the ability to customize the Home screen. This is one way to take the hottest trend on the market right now and make it your very own. So, how do  you do it?

Steps to customize ipod touch Home Screen and get your own Personalize iPod Touch Home Screen

The first thing you need to do is get your personalize ipod touch Home screen in editing mode. To do this, touch and hold any icon on the iPod Touch Home screen. Do this until you see all of the icons begin to wiggle around. One mistake that people make is that they tap their screen, which will give you various results depending where you are within your iPod Touch. But on the Home screen, only touching and holding will place the icons in editing mode and allow you to continue customizing your Home screen.

customize ipod touch Home Screen

Once the icons are in editing mode and are wiggling around on your Home screen, you can do whatever you choose to with them. You can prioritize them by placing the most used icons at the top of the screen, or on the first Home page. Simply touch the icon and that you want to move and drag it around until you’re happy with where you like it on the page. You can also use this feature to delete icons on your Home screen. But remember when you do this, it’s much like deleting a shortcut icon from your computer. While it’ll take away that access point to the app, it won’t delete the app. That will have to be done through iTunes.

Many people find that customizing ipod touch Home screen not only gives it a more personalized and customized look, but that it also makes their iTouch much easier to use. Imagine not having to flip through useless apps to get to the ones you use every day! Another way that Apple makes our lives so much easier!

Try it, and get your own personalize ipod touch home screen, and please kindly share your tips by leaving comment here if you have other cool tips to customize ipod touch home screen. And please help by google plus one (+1), facebook like or tweet this post if you found this post useful for many people.

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