How to Delete Apps from Your IPod Touch?

Applications make our iPod touch livelier. These are software that are created to satisfy the needs of users either for entertainment or for business. Unlike hardware, you cannot touch software, however, you can interact with it.

Applications installed on your iPod touch are represented by the so-called icons. These are tiny pictures that appear on your home screen. You need to tap the icon of the application you are going to use in order for it to be launched. Icons come in different styles depending on the manufacturer of the application. It also comes in different colors and these are represented by the logo of the company or the application itself.

Few of examples of iPod Touch applications include iTunes, Safari web browser, Mobile Cinema, Music Meow, Calendar, Alarm, and a lot more.

How to Get Apps for Your iPod touch?

There are a lot of ways to get applications in your iPod touch. You can get it for free or you are going to pay and spend your money to download and use the application. You can also get applications directly to your iPod touch or you can use your computer and transfer setup files for the desired applications to your iPod touch.

ITunes, an application developed by Apple Inc., is a great tool to download and manage applications to your iPod touch. You can visit the iTunes store to download free applications or paid applications.

Cydia, is another great application to download third party software for your iPod touch. You have to jailbreak your iPod touch first before you could install Cydia. You can read useful information in this post on how to install Cydia on iPod touch.

How to Delete Apps from Your iPod touch?

If you can download and install applications to your iPod touch, you are also given chances and freedom in deleting apps. However, you cannot delete applications that are pre-downloaded and pre-installed by Apple Inc. in your iPod touch.

There will really come a point wherein you wanted to delete the apps you have installed. The reasons behind the urge to delete apps may include the incapacity of the apps to fulfill your desires or interests or you just don’t want the apps anymore. There are also times that we delete certain apps because the memory or the storage capacity of our iPod touch is already full and to free up space we deleted those software.

It is very easy to delete apps from your iPod touch. Remember what I have said on the upper part of the post about the icons? We use the icons to delete apps from iPod touch. All you need to do is to follow the easy steps below.

  • Click on the home button of your iPod touch.
  • Slide to unlock your iPod touch. If you put a pass code in your device, you need to enter the needed credentials to unlock your precious iPod touch.
  • Once unlock, you can see many icons in the home screen. These icons represent the applications you have delete ipod touch appsinstalled in your iPod touch.
  • Tap and hold the icon of the application you wanted to remove from your iPod touch. Hold for a little while then if you see that the icon is shaking or jiggling, an X mark with a circle around it will also appear. You need to tap the X mark in the icon and it will delete the said application from your iPod touch. You do the same thing for other applications you wanted to delete.

You can also delete apps using iTunes, as I said earlier you can manage the downloaded apps using the application. Connect your iPod touch and open iTunes. You just click on the name of the application and choose delete to wipe it out from the system.

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