Common iPad Error:”No SIM Card Installed”

Since the first generation iPad was released, owners were haunted by “No SIM Card Installed” error and more often than not, we are caught unprepared. This problem is unpredictable because even if the message says it’s probably a SIM card error, there is no guarantee the hardware is okay unless you bring your iPad to a tech and diagnosed properly.

ipad error no sim card installed

I talked with several people who have experienced this common ipad problemNo Sim Card Installed – to know how they dealt with this problem. I also talked with an Apple tech just to provide first solutions to people experiencing this problem.

The good thing about this error is that you can try to fix it before you even go to a technician. So, here’s what you can do whenever you’re getting “No SIM Card Installed.”

1. Check SIM Card – it is a common sense. The message is your hint of what may have went wrong so try to check your SIM card first. I come across this problem before and I just took my SIM card out, clean it a bit with my shirt, put it back in and it worked. For once I thought I was a genius but seeing the logic in it, it could be the easiest troubleshooting step you can do.

Over time, the SIM card gets corroded causing loose connection and problems emerge.

2. Reboot iPad – 70 percent of the times this step resolves this problem and it may just be what you need to do to keep you going with your iPad. Rebooting iPad will refresh its memory cache and clearing it would be just the right thing to do.

3. Restore iPad, recover from backup in iTunes – this would set your iPad up as a new device with factory default settings. A friend of mine said this step resolves this kind of problem most of the times because software errors could also be one of the causes.

4. See a tech – if all of these don’t work, it’s time to see a tech to have this issue resolved. I know someone whose iPad was replaced when the tech wasn’t able to fix the problem. If you’re lucky enough, you can have a new iPad with this issue.

Just make sure you backup your documents and files from time to time because errors happen when you least expect them.

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