10 Best iPod Touch Applications

The new revolutionary device that has been developed bye Apple, requires a lot of pestering to keep it going. But the device is loved so much by people that everyday new applications are being launched. There are various iPod Touch applications that are topping the charts and is a must have in your iPod Touch as well as your iPhone. The 20 Best iPod touch applications available right now are –

1. Radio (for India) – This application is sure to make Indian iPhone and iPod Touch holders happy. One tap and you can listen to over forty-radio stations that are there in India.

2. World Atlas – For any reference and to locate any place around the world, you can call for this application, which provides you with complete exquisite detail of the world with precision.

3. ArtCamera – Have you ever had the urge to paint but couldn’t do it because simply you are incapable of doing it, then this application rocks. V

4. Video Safe – As the name suggests this application helps you to build your privacy and lets your stuff on your device remain private. From the makers of picture safe, now you can even make your videos safe.

5. WebSave:File Saving Web Browser – Download and save as many websites as you want. This amazing application lets you browse and save web files in any form be it a video, image or even an audio file.

6. Memory Stick – This application is one of the most amazing things. It turns your device into memory stick and lets you use it as a simple pen drive and the best part being that it supports all the formats that one really needs to work upon.

7. Motion X GPS – For iPhone and iPod Touch users of the first generation this application has been designed to make them GPS enabled. After installing this application you can use the facility of GPS. This GPS system tracks and allows you to know your position. Go on and track yourself.

8. Night Vision – The name looks like something related to the army, but actually it is a very cool application. If you have ever faced a problem of clicking pictures in the dark, then this app solves it for. With various modes available for clicking pictures, this app never lets you down.

9. TouchScan – Ever wanted to become a detective, here is an application that will help you in doing so. Lie detector, finger scanner everything under one application. It also helps you to match up with the one you love. Both of you can get your fingers scanned and this application tells you what can go on between the two of you.

10. Pocket God – Ever had the urge to rule the world and do what you want, here is a chance to be the almighty. Pocket God lets u become the god of an island where you have all the power to rule over the primitive islanders. So time to become the almighty.

All the above applications are available for download from the iTunes store. So why are you waiting, its time to get going.

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