Problems with iPhone Apps Closing Abruptly

Problems with iPhone applications closing abruptly.  One of my best friends really love with his new iPhone. He always play many games applications in his iPhone. But a few days ago he told me that he got a really weird iPhone Applications problem. The iPhone Apps Closing abruptly, and he didn’t knew how to fix that problem.

After I’ve done a simple research on the net, I found these simple tips could fix iPhone applications that closing abruptly:

He did the following steps:

  • Tap Settings
  • Then go to General
  • ap Reset
  • And Last tap Reset All Settings.

And that iPhone apps Closing abruptly problem has been fixed. The simple steps above could help my friend, but I do not know if it could help you. Please post here if you have similar problem, and you know how to fix this iphone problem and using the different way than the steps above.

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