Apple iPad 2 Release Rumours

The Apple iPad 2 has been rumoured about for quite a while now and there is no actual date set by Apple for the release of the device. It is Apple’s style that they never tell consumers when the actual device will be released until they unveil it at an event and the latest rumour regarding the iPad is that it will actually be unveiled in just around one weeks time.

According to an article that has been released online, many people are expecting the iPad to be release date the event that it being held next week by Apple. Apple is holding an event on the 9th February and many people believe that Apple will take this opportunity to unveil the iPad 2 device to the world.

Apple has actually planned the event to tell consumers about the next iOS update which will be iOS 4.3 but the rumours say that the release of the Apple iPad 2 will be the ‘One more thing’ that Apple unveils at this event.

There are many rumours surrounding the features that the Apple iPad 2 might have with many people saying that it will feature cameras like the iPhone 4 as well as the Retina display. There are also rumours that the iPad 2 will have an A5 processor meaning that it is able to respond even faster to the users requests. We must remember however, that it could still be months before it is released.

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