Apple iPhone 5 Prototype Spotted

The iPhone 5 has been rumoured to be being released in 12 September of this year according to the online rumours and as the date gets closer, there has now been some new images of the iPhone 5 prototype released online. According to a popular news source regarding the iPhone5, there have been new cases spotted which suggest that the iPhone5 will have a much thinner and taller design than the current iPhone 4s.

However, many rumours have said that this will not be the case as it is not Apple’s style. According to the images that have been leaked online of the new iPhone 5 cases, it looks as if the iPhone 5 will be thinner and taller than the iPhone 4s.

There have also been images of the so called iPhone5 featured on a Vietnamese website although it is still unsure as to whether or not these images are genuine or not. Apple has still refused to comment on the matter and we suspect that this will be the case for the company until they actually release the phone in September.

A recent survey found that despite the problems with the iPhone 4s, over a third of consumers would be willing to purchase the iPhone 5 instantly.

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