iPod Touch 4th Generation (4G) Release date

Update:Now people searched for the next generation of iTouch, so they really want to know about: iPod touch 5th generation release date.

The iPod Touch 4G has no fixed release date as of yet. But there are a lot of rumour sites that are predicting this ipod touch 4th generation will be released around September to November this year as that is the usual time for Apple to release new versions. Just in time for the holidays. And since it has been releasing new versions continuously for the last 3 years I suppose that they will do the same thing this time around. But then again, there has been no official news on any of this from Apple and everything that you hear nowadays is based solely on speculation.

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Now that we have discussed the supposed release dates for the new ipod touch 4th generation, let us now look at a few of the features that are supposed to be a part of this 4G iPod Touch as well as a few that we would want as a part of it.

Once again, we are hearing everyone say that this ipod touch 4th generation is the version which is going to have a camera. Just after a few months of the release of the new iPod Nano 4G with a camera we expect that now it’s the Touch’s turn to get a camera as we were thoroughly disappointed last time when there was no camera. But here too there are rumours that this camera is not going to be as nice as the camera in the 5G iPod Nano and thus, the disappointment is going to continue.

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This ipod touch 4th generation rumour comes along with another one which says that there is more than enough space at the back of the Touch for Apple to fit in a camera but they are not doing so as they do not want to start eating into the market share of the iPhone.

Now, all that is left to do is wait and see what Apple finally brings for new ipod touch 4th generation to the party later this year.

Now ipod touch 4th generation and iphone 4 have been released and you could buy iphone 4 without contract or with contract.

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