Apple reduce iPad Prices in India

Last week, Apple announced the release of their next generation iPad product; the iPad 2. Since then, Apple has been slashing the prices of the original iPad all around the world in order to make room for their latest model. In the United States, Apple has slashed the price by $100 and they have also said that anyone who has purchased the iPad in the last month or so will be entitled to a refund of $100 if they decide to upgrade to the latest iPad 2 device. Now, Apple has decided to slash the prices of the iPad in India in order to make way for their new iPad 2 device.

The original iPad has only been on sale in India for a period of two months as it was not released in the country at the same time that it was released to the rest of the world. The iPad was launched in Inida in January and the next generation iPad; the iPad 2 is due to hit shelves in the country this month, meaning that the original iPad only had a shelf life of 2 months in India.

Apple has decreased the price of the original iPad in India by around Rs 3,000 which is around $75. This is a similar discount to the iPad discount that Apple has carried out in America but it is thought that with the iPad 2 coming soon, most people in the country will wait it out.

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