Rumors are the Apple is set to Release a Bunch of new iDevices

Apple wasn’t happy enough with the release of the iPad early this year, with the release of the iPhone 4 not much later in June. Now they’ve stirred up rumors that there’s not one, and not two, not even just three new iDevices about to hit the market, there’s a whole slew of them! But while it’s great fun to get all excited and carried away about the thought of all these new little toys, let’s remember that at the moment, these are all just rumors and nothing has been released, unveiled, or announced by Apple.

First, there are three new iPods that are rumored to be coming soon. These new goodies include a new Nano, a new Touch, and a new Shuffle, that will have an itty bitty touch screen. Whether or not the new Touch will have a built-in camera seems to be a hot topic of debate, but there’s no word on whether or not a camera will be added (or whether or not there’s even a new Touch coming, for that matter.)

And then there’s the rumor that’s floating around once again about a new iPad mini that’s coming out. This iPad will have a smaller 7″ screen. The rumors on this one actually say that the mini iPad is already developed and created and just set to hit the market. But, it’s questionable as to whether or not Apple would put competition out there for the iPad, which is selling incredibly well.

There are also rumors that because Apple has been having so many problems with the iPhone 4, that they’re set to release a new phone, the iPhone 5, much sooner than expected – and maybe as soon as this fall. Again though, it’s a question as to whether or not Apple wants to detract attention away from the iPhone 4, which is still very new and selling well, despite the antenna problems.

If all of these rumors are true, there’s sure to be a lot of buzz surrounding Apple for a very long time. But, even if just one of these has a ring of truth to it, it’s sure to bring joy to gadget geeks and techies everywhere.

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