Apple works with AT&T to Offer Personal Hotspot Tethering

There are a lot of people these days that want access to the internet wherever they are and this is something that is still rather difficult to pull off. The iPhone actually has access to the internet at all times using the 3G signal that it acquires and now, Apple is working with AT&T to be able to offer consumers the option to pair the device with their laptop in order to act as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

The iPhone does actually offer internet tethering in its current stage but it is rather limited in the ways that it can be used. The signal from the iPhone can be used when pairing with a Bluetooth enabled device but it cannot be shared using Wi-Fi. The idea behind the latest talks between Apple and AT&T is that they are going to try and make it possible for the iPhone signal to be shared in this way.

AT&T is planning to up the amount of data that they allow their customers without increasing the price. They are expected to allow users on the $45 per month contract to have a 4GB allowance when tethering with their iPhone allowing users to be able to access the internet on their other devices and achieve the personal Wi-Fi hotspot. This is expected to be one of the features that Apple speaks about at their event next week.

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