Apple to use Carbon Fibre for iPad 2

There has been a lot of talk about the iPad 2 just lately and of course, Apple have not given anything away as of yet. However, most of the talk about the device seems to have been surrounding when and whether or not it will be released soon and the features that it could possibly have. Now, it has been rumoured that Apple might actually be using carbon fibre in order to make the shell for the iPad in order to make it lighter and even stronger than before.

Carbon fibre is a material that has been used on many other things for quite a long time now and it is well known for its use in car manufacturing as it is light and strong. However, it has never been used in an electronic device before but now; there is rumour that Apple will be using it for the next iPad 2 device. An unnamed source on the internet has said that Apple has already produced some shells for the iPad 2 that use the material.

It is thought that making the shell out of carbon fibre will make the device a lot lighter and will also make it stronger. However, it is also thought that it will make the iPad less environmentally friendly as other materials will have to be used in its production that are not able to be recycled.

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