Apple to Launch iPad 2 on February 9

There have been a lot of rumours over the last few months as to when and whether or now Apple are actually going to release the next version of their iPad device any time soon. There have been a lot of rumours that have been untrue although it is still thought that Apple will be releasing the product as soon as they can. With Steve Jobs taking medical leave from the company, it was thought that this might delay the release of the Apple iPad 2. However, there is now a rumour that the Apple iPad will be released on the 9th February of this year.

This rumour emerged after a leaked image of the iPad 2 actually showed that date on the calendar. If you are familiar with the iPad, then you will know that on the home screen there is a calendar which actually shows the current date. On the image, the calendar was showing the date of February 9th 2011 and some keen eyed viewers of the image have been quick to suggest that this could possibly be the date for the launch of the product.

Although there is no official word from Apple as of yet, it is thought that they could be scheduling a special event for this day in which they will be planning to launch the product. Apple is yet to hold an event this year and it is thought they could kick it off with a great product.

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