Apple iPad 2 Release Date Rumours Grow

Update: Apple ipad 2 already out, and now people waiting for new apple ipad 3 release date.

Apple’s iPad device was the first device to really explore the tablet PC market and since the time when it was released around a year ago, many other companies have created rival products which many believe are actually better than the Apple iPad as they offer more features. As usually, we expect that Apple is one step ahead of the competition and it is for this reason that the Apple iPad 2 devices has been rumoured for the past few months. Now, the rumours about the device are growing again as many companies in the UK lower their prices for the device.

In the UK, it is possible to get the Apple iPad device either from the Apple shop or with a network provider with a monthly contract. Most providers in the UK have been charging around £200 for the device up until now, with a monthly contract lasting around 2 years. Now, most of these providers have dropped their prices significantly with the iPad now being available for just £99 plus the monthly contract.

Dropping the price of a device like this is a well known technique in the technology world for when there is a new product on the way as it allows companies to get rid of old stock and make way for new stock. It is now rumoured that the Apple iPad 2 will be released over the next few weeks in the US and maybe even the UK.

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